Installation of SpeedBox2 for Yamaha:

1, Disconnect the battery from the electric bike.

2, Loosen six screws holding the plastic engine cover.

3, Loosen lightly 1 screw holding the engine on the lowest position, don´t remove!!!

4, Loosen two screws holding the engine on upper positions.

5, Recline the engine downwards.

6, Disconnect the connector of speed sensor and display connector.

7, Connect the SpeedBox2 to disconnected connectors.

8, Insert the SpeedBox2 into frame tube.

9, Close the engine to the frame upwards.

10, Screw three screws holding the engine and tighten them, in optimal case with torque key adjusted according to the moment identified on the bolt support.

11, Close the plastic engine cover and screw it with six screws.

12, Connect the battery of electric bike.

Operation of SpeedBox2 for Yamaha:

1, Turn on the electric bike.

2, Activation and deactivation is done by button for lighting placed on the handlebars.

3, After turning on the electric bike the SpeedBox2 is always off.

4, After the first pressing the button for lighting the display shows for one second the current speed of 5.0 km/h, it means, that the equipment is active and your bike will ride at the speed up to 50km/h.

5, After next pressing the button for lighting, the display shows 2.5km/h it means, that the SpeedBox2 is disabled and the supplementary assistance of electric bike is active only up to speed of 25 km/h.



1, Make sure that the use of products SpeedBox isn´t in conflict with current legislation of the country in which you will use your electric bike.

2, Be considerate of your surroundings when driving.

3, The producer assumes no responsibility for damages caused by using products SpeedBox and SpeedBox2.

4, Always use bike helmet and other protective gears.





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